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Instructional Laboratory Support Services

Provision of Materials

Chemicals, supplies, glassware, and other equipment used in the instructional laboratories meeting in the lab stack are provided by Laboratory Services. Instructors provide a schedule of experiments for each semester, along with textbook references and/or written procedures for each experiment. The Laboratory Services manager determines material requirements for each experiment and the staff prepare and deliver materials to the labs. TAs and students are responsible for cleaning up at the end of each lab period. Periodic housekeeping and safety inspections are carried out by the Laboratory Services staff.

Instructional Laboratory Chemical Waste Disposal

The Laboratory Services manager determines appropriate disposal procedures for all chemical waste streams produced in the instructional laboratories and notifies instructors of those procedures. TAs are responsible for supervising proper waste disposal by their students. Laboratory Services staff provide waste containers, and collect and dispose of all chemical wastes from the instructional laboratories.

Operation of Laboratory Stockrooms

The five Organic instructional laboratories are serviced by a stockroom staffed by student employees of Laboratory Services. The stockroom sells replacements for broken glassware to laboratory students, distributes supplies to the laboratories, obtains reagent refills, and reports out-of-order equipment and other problems to Laboratory Services. All glassware sales are billed to student Bursar accounts; no University account, cash or credit card sales.